The club is based around an indoor 3 firing point 25 yard range attached to the main clubhouse. The 3 points have Meyton MF5R1 electonic targets installed with the associated hardware and software. Our electrically controlled single aiming point system (SPOTS) which was designed and built by one of our club members, is still available for when shooting takes place on paper targets. There is also a single firing point 6 yard air pistol range with an electrical target retrieval system. The Meyton MF5R1 target systems were purchased with the assistance of grants from Angus Council.

The clubhouse comprises a large main clubroom, a small kitchen area, toilet and various storage areas. There is also a secure armoury/workroom. The club has a small but dedicated membership and at present the range is also utilised by the cadets of local Air Training Squadron. We have provided facilities for those taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and the Scout Master At Arms badge.

The club owns a number of rifles for those that do not have their own rifles. These are a selection of Anschutz rifles, including some suitable for left handed shooters and lightweight models for juniors. There is also a small selection of older BSA rifles. The club also owns a selection of spotting 'scopes, slings, jackets, mats and other necessary accessories.