Our Facilities

Disciplines and Equipment

  1. 25 yard  Indoor Range - 3 firing point 25 yard indoor range equipped with Meyton MFR5R1 Black Magic Electronic Target systems. We also can shoot on standard paper targets either using our in-house designed and built SPOTS (Single Point Aiming System) or a standard 10 bull target holder.
  2. 6 yard  Air Range - Indoor single point 6 yard air range equipped with an electrical target retrieval system suitable for target air pistols and rifles only.
  3. 50m/100 yard Outdoors - We have the ability to utilise Steeple Rifle Club's outdoor range to shoot at both 50 metres or 100 yards.

Proposed Updates/Changes - Some building works need to be carried out to the Indoor 25 yard range to allow 10m air to be carried out on the electronic targets. Also, rebuilding of the butts to for bullet catchers to improve the environment and to reduce noise.

Club Equipment - The club has a number of rifles and a selection of gloves, jackets and slings for the use of club members on a shared basis until they acquire or purchase their own

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